June of 2013 I was inducted into New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame - the ICON award


2011 was a special year - 
RI Country MusicHall of Fame and ......8 week exhibit @ WMOA

pictured above Larry Bonoff and Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Tent Has Been Nominated for an Emmy!

Last night, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Boston/New England) announced its list of nominees for the 33rd annual Emmy awards. We are so pleased that The Tent was nominated in the outstanding "Arts/Entertainment" program category! While a win would be amazing, this is a humbling and unexpected recognition worthy of the old cliche - it is simply an honor to be nominated.
This year's Emmy Awards ceremony will take place at Gillette Stadium at Patriot Place on Saturday, May 22, 2010.
Thanks to everyone who worked on the film, was a part of the film, went to see the film, and continues to support the film. We are forever grateful and this nomination is because of you. More updates soon.
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Rhode Island 

starts in 1955 - permanent building in 1967


Arizona History 
starts in 1964   -------visit "The Tent" :Life in the Round
Phoenix Star Theatre
(now Celebrity Theatre) ..........   

Welcome to bonoff.net, the official and only authorized web community dedicated to the preservation of the Bonoff and Wasserman family collections of theatre archives.  To celebrate a proud legacy that spanned from 1919-2006, I, Larry Bonoff, have created the Bonoff Foundation.  This entity exists to help promote the theatre arts in Rhode Island and Southern New England.  To that end, the foundation will work in conjunction with educational institutions like the University of Rhode Island to provide scholarships for theatre students and financial support for university theatre productions.

As the last of four generations of concert and entertainment promoters, I am proud to present the stories, pictures, and memories of bonoff.net through my eyes and with an obvious affection and nostalgia for my family's labor of love.  The focus of this site is the Warwick Musical Theatre, which operated in Warwick, Rhode Island from 1955 to 1999 but the records gathered in the archives of the Bonoff Foundation also document the rich history and other ventures of the Bonoff and Wasserman families.  I hope you will enjoy browsing through all of the incredible items that are shown here and for those who remember the theatre or attended a show there, I hope this website evokes some wonderful memories.

As I look ahead, I pause to reflect on the wonderful days behind me and celebrate the wonderful times ahead.  Through all of these efforts, and bolstered by the support of my family and the WMT community, I am so blessed that the Bonoff legacy will live on long after I am gone.  Thank you for visiting bonoff.net and remember, life is a revolving stage.


chorus getting ready- 1950's (backstage pass to the STARS)
Everybody needs tickets - I recommend my friend Marty in Phoenix - yes he can get tickets anywhere in world - any event - fairest person in his business -CALL HIM

WHO'S WHO - pictured to THE left (1960's)
Burton "Buster" Bonoff - my Dad - started Warwick Musical Theatre - worked at his father's theatre - promoted shows with Sam Wasserman
Barbara Bonoff - my Mom - ran it with my Dad for 45 years - the BEST - specialty was helping Charities
Sam Wasserman - Grandfather - Mom's side - ran Vaudeville/trade show - shows toured by trains - as far West as Penn.(then entire U.S.)
Rose Wasserman - Sam's wife - my grandmother - when they meet she was head of the chorus line (promoter marries Star)
ME - Larry Bonoff - the honor of being a 4th generation promoter
Betsy Menders - my sister - ran the day to day operations of WMT -currently is operations manager at PPAC


WHO'S WHO - pictured to left (1940's)
Charlie Bonoff's theatre in Old Saybrook Conn. - my great grandfather. Pictured from 3rd from left is Leo Bonoff, my grandfather, he ran a movie theatre in Madison, Conn.


MISSY - she is Mom & Dad's only grandchild - many pictures you will see on this site are signed to Missy - she was the light in my parents life. She graduated and got her masters at Boston College. She has chosen a life of working with children. (Pictured below with Me)

Missy, chose a different path in her life and I am very happy for her. Missy's currently job is South County Community Action Head Start Social Service/Mental health Coordinator - WOW!